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A full house for the 2nd round of the Eglantine Summer Tournament

Only the second round and there was an overflow into the bar. Every board was used in the main room...

With several players arriving late the draw was a little harder this week. and the top game was played in the Bar. But a full complement of excellent chess players each ready for a fun battle of minds.

Some notes and pics from the evening.....






We were lucky to have several top players. Gareth Annesley, a regular to the tournaments and a difficult player to beat. And John Masterson again a very tough opponent.

The top quality of every player showed with some excellent/elegent positions appearing on the boards.

Mikhail Pavlov proved his predigree by continuing to do well against top players - drawing a fascinating game against Sergio Sanchez. The centre locked. Looking for an opening on the Queens side. Blocked by Sergio who then likewise tried to break through the Queens side. The game ended in a draw.

Gareth played John in a slightly noisey atmosphere of the bar. At times one could hear the fascinating stories told at the bar. Stories of Chomsky and American politics.... The game ended in a draw.


Endgames can be challenging - Pat McKillen playing Stewart McConaghy had Queens and Pawns, Stewart having an extra pawn a passed isolated central pawn. Pat played brilliant threatening perpetual check, whilst Stewart walked his King across the board hoping to swap Queens for a won endgame. He got his extra pawn to the 6th rank - so close. Stewart eventually forced the pawn to Queen and won the game.


Chris Kelly playing David Ruben both sides had pressure with David defending against Chris' invasion into his territory and then threatening to strike back if given a chance. The game ended in a draw. In position below I was wondering about Black playinh Nxb2...




To judge your time - a difficult decision. Chris Armstrong could have a won position given some time. But with a lack of time and declining a draw offered by Richard Gould. It proved too much to win within the alloted time and Chris lost on time. To take a draw or go for the win always a difficult one!




The final results


John Masterson  1/2-1/2  Gareth Annesley
Sergio Sanchez  1/2-1/2  Mikhail Pavlov
John Bryars       1-0    Robert Lavery
David Ruben     1/2-1/2  Chris Kelly
Chris Armstrong   0-1    Richard Gould
Bernard Jaffa     1-0    Derek Trusdale
Stewart McConaghy 1-0    Pat McKillan
William Storey   1/2-1/2 Martin Kelly
Dmitry Zelenchuk  0-1    Roy Stafford
CJ Murphy         1-0    John McKenna
Geoff Hindley     1-0    David Seaby
Barney McGahan    1-0    Mary McCabe
James Fairley     0-1    Daniil Zelenchuk



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