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Problems from Belfast Culture Night

These are both challenging and elegent. Problems handed out on fliers during Belfast Culture Night 2012.
Problems from Belfast Culture Night

Problems to solve

Problems from Culture Night 2012 page 1


Left:  1.....Re2 2.Rxe2 Qxf1#                                         Middle:  1. Qg8+  Kxg8  2. Rxf8#                             Right:  1.... Qc1  2. Rxc1 Bxf6

Cant stop threat of Qxh2#                                                                                                                                  Black has saved the game and is a pawn ahead.


Problems from Culture Night 2012 page 2

Middle: 1.  Rd7  Kxd7 2. Qxf7+ Kd8                 Right: 1.... Rf2  2. Q moves safe Qxg2#

3. Qxf8+ The King isnt safe where-ever he goes

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