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The launch of the Eddie Whiteside Chess Library

This weekends Ulster Masters sees the launch of the Eddie Whiteside Chess Library. Some 40 excellent books will be available to borrow. This is an exciting new project for the UCU to encourage the study of chess and the use of this excellent educational resource.

The Library will be available at UCU tournaments. You will be able to request a book in advance by contacting Mark Newman (UCU Secretary). We would encourage clubs to use the books and DVDs as coaching tools and to share any developed lesson plans etc as a way of developing a shared educational set of resources.

To borrow a book we ask members to register as a library member - with a deposit of £3. (to cover costs and any losses).

This is the  beginning of an exciting project - it needs your support to succeed. Borrow a book, study it, improve your chess and if you can share your learning and enthusiasm by writing a summary of the book or using it as material to coach your club or fellow players...good luck with your learning....

The books available include:

Author Title
Evans, Larry 10 Most Common Chess Mistakes...and How to Fix Them, 2nd Edition
Beim, Valeri|Giddins, Steve How to Calculate Chess Tactics
Soltis, Andy|Soltis, Andrew What It Takes to Become a Chess Master
Short, David|Botterill, G. S. Nigel Short, Chess Prodigy: His Career and Best Games
Dvoretsky, Mark|Yusupov, Artur|Dolmatov, SergeÄ­ Opening Preparation
Zak, Vladimir Improve Your Chess Results
Baker, Chris Learn From Your Chess Mistakes
Gufeld, Eduard Exploiting Small Advantages
Kopec, Danny Mastering the Sicilian
Dvoretsky, Mark|Turner, Howard Secrets Of Chess Training
Schiller, Eric Sicilian Richter-rauzer With...a6
Psakhis, Lev Complete French, The
Villa, Jesús de la|Villa, de la Jesus Dismantling the Sicilian
Nunn, John Beating the Sicilian
Kasparov, Garry|Nikitin, A.|Kasparov, Garri Kimovich|Nikitin, Aleksandr Sergeevich Sicilian   E6 And   D6 Systems
Yrjola, Jouni|Tella, Jussi Explosive Chess Opening Repertoire For Black, An
Chandler, Murray Sicilian 2c3
Eckert, Doug Sicilian Scheveningen: Keres Attack
Janicki, |Konikowski, Jerzy|Paul ; Konikowsky, Jerzy Janicki|Janicki, Paul English Opening Flohr-mikenas System
Lane, Gary Vienna Game, The
Basman, Michael|Basman, Mike Chess Openings
MAROVIC, BRUNO PARMA DRAZEN|MAROVIC, BRUNO PARMA' 'DRAZEN|Marovic, Drazen|Parma, Bruno Opening Repertoire For Black
Adams, Jimmy Richter-veresov System
Livshits, August|Neat, Kenneth P.|Livshitz, A.|Livshitz, August Test Your Chess Iq - Book 2
Sokolov, Ivan Nimzo-indian Defense: Classical Variation
Bellin, Robert Trompowski Opening and Torre Attack
Watson, John L. Play the French
Moskalenko, Viktor Flexible French: Strategic Explanations & Surprise Weapons For Dynamic Players, The
Marovic, Drazen Play the King's Indian Defence
Estrin, |Marfia, Jim|Estrin, Yakov|Estrin, Yacov|Glazkov, Igor B. 3 Double King Pawn Openings
Plaskett, James Sicilian Grand Prix Attack
Schiller, Eric|Goldman, Jonathan Sicilian Dragon Yugoslav Attack 9 Bc4
Povah, Nigel How to Play the English Opening
Ward, Chris Winning With the Sicilian Dragon 2: a Complete Repertoire Against 1 E4 For the Attacking Player
Nunn, John|Gallagher, Joe Beating the Sicilian 3
Kosten, Tony Latvian Gambit, The
Pedersen, Steffen Gambit Guide to the Benko Gambit, The
Bauer, Christian Play 1..b6: a Dynamic and Hypermodern Opening System For Black
Cafferty, Bernard|Hooper, David Complete Defence to 1 D4: a Study Of the Queen's Gambit Accepted, A
Kosten, Tony Dynamic English, The
Samarian, Sergiu Opening Tactics For Club Players
Flórı́an, Tibor|Eszenyi, Sándor Defence and Counter-attack
Nunn, John Understanding Chess Move By Move
Livshits, August|Neat, Kenneth P.|Livshitz, A. Test Your Chess Iq
Collins, Sam Attacking Repertoire For White, An
Schiller, Eric|Goldman, Jonathan Sicilian Dragon Yugoslav Attack 9 Bc4
Harding, T.D.|Harding, T. D French, MacCutcheon and Advance Lines
Keene, Raymond|Keene, Raymond D. Opening Repertoire For White, An
Keene, Raymond D. Caro Kann Defense


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