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Another brilliant evening of Culture, Coffee and Chess

Friday September 22nd and time for Belfast Culture Night. Outside Cafe Nero were tables ladden with chess boards waiting to be played ...

Would the weather be kind. Would people take the opportunity and play chess....

We setup the tables outside Cafe Nero on Lombard Street - the management were very helpful and let us move tables from inside the cafe to give us more seats to play. The large set was setup and we didnt have long to wait before passers by started to sit and play chess.

Friends came who play every year. Families stopped and played - youngsters with cool hats and shades. Girls and Boys. Grandparents and students the whole beautiful diversity of life sat chatted over a game of chess.

The friendly and electric atmosphere of the Culture Night soaked the air - I saw Adrian teaching with his brilliant enthusiastic style youngsters the elements of the game. The large board provided an opportunity for passersby to stop and study and discuss the positions. Robert Lavery and Stephen Rush played some very exciting chess on the board and were watched by an appreciative audience. The large set also provided youngsters to show their chess skills and one match arose which pitted Men and against Women...

Whilst playing drinking creamy delicious cafe latte and chatting - you could only marvel at the brilliance, diversity, humour, creativity of people. The welcoming warmth of Belfast was inspirational.

Thanks go to all the Ulster Chess Union members who came and enjoyed the evening. Thanks to the Cafe Nero for providing such a brilliant venue. Thanks to the organisers of Culture Night for all the activities of the evening - and  finally thanks to everyone who stopped for a quick game of chess - see you next year!!

For more information on chess please see our events section and also these web sites:

We handed out pamphlets with information to allow people to take their interest in chess further by joining a club, solving a chess puzzle or entering a competition.

The puzzles for the evening were - answers at the bottom of this page :





A photographic story of the evening.....

cafe3 cafe4
cafe5 cafe6
cafe7 cafe8
cafe9 cafe10
cafe11 cafe12
cafe13 cafe14
cafe15 cafe16



3.  .... Nd4

followed by

Queen moves

Nxf3 + with Qh2 mate

or Nxd4

Qh2 mate


2. ...Bxd4

if White takes the Knight they loose the Queen. and if Qxb6 Bxb6 and Black has won the Knight.


3. ... Nf3+ then Rxf3 Bxd4+

cxd4 and then Qxb5 winning Whites Queen


An elegent combination 3. ... Qxd4

Bxd4 Nf3+

Kf1 Bb5+

Qc4 Bxc4 mate


2. ... Qxh3+

Nxf3 Nxf3 mate




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