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Brendan Jamison joins World-renowned Saint Louis Chess Club

Our intrepid Tournament and League Controller - spent the Summer touring the USA where he won two tournaments and joined the fantastic Saint Louis Chess Club.

What better way to travel than to include some chess and win a tournament. Well you can join the World Famous Saint Louis Chess Club and see how a top chess club operates. With a brilliant chess centre and weekly master classes given by top Grandmasters.

Our UCU Tournament Director/League Controller Brendan Jamison travelled to the USA for 12 weeks this Summer and played at many clubs and tournaments across the country. He won a classic and rapidplay in the French Quarter of New Orleans in July 2018 at the Downriver Chess Club, congratulations for doing Belfast proud! Brendan picked up USCF ratings of 2095 (classic) and 1963 (rapidplay). He also joined the world-renowned Saint Louis Chess Club and attended a masterclass with GM Var Akobian from Los Angeles. Set in a leafy suburb of Saint Louis, the chess club is set over 3 floors and sits opposite the World Chess Hall of Fame which boosts the largest chess piece on the planet. The Saint Louis chess club offers a daily programme of chess events Monday-Friday which range from tournaments to masterclasses and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. In 2014, the Unites States Senate passed a resolution recognising the Mid-West city of Saint Louis as the Chess Capital of America. See pictures of Brendan’s epic 12 week trip here:

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