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Lockdown Summer Tournament: weeks 10 - 11

Another two weeks and some 10 games. We are almost half way through the tournament. Players are still welcome even if they wish just to play a couple of games to get into the practice of long focused chess.

I enjoy the setup of a board and the studying of positions in a game lasting a couple of hours. But its so easy not to focus and to miss possibe moves.

My game against Michael Sheerin is an example of mistake followed by mistake - I cover some of the game at the end of this report.

Its good to see the Irish Chess Union running their Championships face to face - They have restricted their numbers to 30 and have special rules for playing at a distance - for more details see -

For games, standings and live action ;


Rating White lichess userId Score Rating Black lichess userId
1614 Michael Sheerin RDWRER 0 - 1 1642 Mark Newman ishi100
1377 Chris Armstrong pcmorphy 1 - 0 1400 john Sweeney Johnsweeney
1259 Adrian Dornford-Smith Dornford 1 - 0 895 Paul Anderson Number_8
1200 Joseph Gunning Josephgun 0 - 1 961 Michael Hood michaelhood
1053 Kyle Milligan pinallwizard 1 - 0 1000 David Corr MrScrumps
Rating White lichess userId Score Rating Black lichess userId
961 Michael Hood michaelhood 1 - 0 1377 Chris Armstrong pcmorphy
1400 john Sweeney Johnsweeney 0 - 1 1645 Robert Lavery Yreval
1614 Michael Sheerin RDWRER 1 - 0 1259 Adrian Dornford-Smith Dornford
1000 David Corr MrScrumps 1 - 0 1215 Bernard McGahan jtsdad
1200 Joseph Gunning Josephgun 1 - 0 895 Paul Anderson Number_8

With 11 weeks completed and 112 games played. Who to watch? We have several players unbeaten. Michael Mckimm is on full points with 5 out of 5. Andrew Todd has only dropped 1/2 point and Michael Hood only loosing one game and drawing a second with 83.3%.



Rating Name lichess user Score Played %
1 1600 Cathal Keany Ckeany 1 1 100.00
2 1192 Michael Mckimm Meitnerium 5 5 100.00
3 1370 Andrew Todd Toddy-Aberdeen 6.5 7 92.86
4 961 Michael Hood michaelhood 7.5 9 83.33
1 1645 Robert Lavery Yreval 7 9 77.78
2 1642 Mark Newman ishi100 6 8 75.00
3 1000 David Corr MrScrumps 4 6 66.67
4 1053 Kyle Milligan pinallwizard 3 6 50.00
5 1200 Joseph Gunning Josephgun 4.5 10 45.00
6 1259 Adrian Dornford-Smith Dornford 3.5 9 38.89
7 1215 Bernard McGahan jtsdad 2 6 33.33
8 1377 Chris Armstrong pcmorphy 2.5 8 31.25
9 1614 Michael Sheerin RDWRER 1 4 25.00
10 895 Paul Anderson Number_8 2 9 22.22
11 1218 Stephen Cullen steviec44 0.5 4 12.50
12 1464 Richard Gould nir8888 0 1 0.00
13 1400 john Sweeney Johnsweeney 0 2 0.00
14 1245 Chris Dorrian faunorcival 0 1 0.00
15 1241 Vincent O'Brien V_blunders 0 1 0.00
20 640 George Gamble ChessGeorge13 0 6 0.00


My game in week 10 was against Michael Sheerin - after the opening I had lost a rook but with alot of luck and some mistakes on both sides - I was lucky (apologies to Michael) to win.

I was Black and played the Benko.

The Benko. Does White take?



White at this point can thwart the main line by not taking the second pawn. Michael plays Nc3. I take the b5 Pawn. Michael pushes e4 (which gets a ?!) I push the b Pawn hitting the Knight and then Nb5. I played d6 to stop White playing d6.


White has played Bishop c4 and now pushed e5. I start to worry the White Knight and Bishop support the pawn push. I must take e5 and then unexpected - d6 I decide I must take - but e5 is looking like a square that White is after and my Rook is undefended - something I really only realise too late....

I should have played Ra5 earlier. But now too late. There's alot going on. Bxf6 and Nc7+ was threatened hence Na6. But now I loose either the Rook or the Bishop - I just thought oh Dear....(but a little stronger worded) Thought if i can get active prior to the White Rooks get into play maybe theres a very faint hope! To facilitate castling I moved Be7 and sacrificed the Rook - surely loosing but trying to go out in style!


Queen took the Rook and I castled and then attacked the Queen. White Castled Queen side which was a blunder. The King being exposed. At this point I think I got the order wrong - but attacked the Queen with the Rook before pusing e4.

e4 and White retreated his Knight - the Bishop swap was recommended. At this point I suddenly saw Bxb2+ and White cant really take as Qd5+ followed by Bxd5 leads to a winning attack. White plays nicely Kb1.


The bishop moves to safety. Rooking at Ra3 to hit the Queen. White develops a piece and still ignores the Bxb7 maybe hoping for threats on f7.


The Rook move allows the Ra3  which in turn allows Bxf7+. Then Kg7, 25 Qe6 Bc8 26 Qd5 followed by a push e3 opening up the diagonal on the King - the recommended move is Qxf7 winning back a Bishop. white plays Nc4 woops Bishop and Rook forked. Black plays Bf5+ and White mistakenly puts his King in the corner - and it will only take a cheque to threaten mate.


Queen to e7 putting pressure on the long diagonal a1-h8.


Michael makes the mistake of taking the Rook allowing Qf6+ followed by mate. Recommended Qe5+ and Queens are exchanged. 30 Qe5+ Qxe5 31. Nxe5

The End of a game with lots of complications but lots of mistakes. A lesson to be more focused!

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