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Lockdown Summer Tournament: week2

The Summer drop-in tournament continued on weds 13th May - with a few more players joining the fun and some good chess played.

I emailed players at 6:30pm to confirm they were online and waiting for the draw. The idea being I take the names of those confirming and do the draw from these. But alas not everyone confirmed who had emailed me earlier that day to say they were playing so the dilema to include or not to include.... I included - I had done a rough draw beforehand and removed a couple of players who said they couldnt play. Then at 7:00pm I emailed the draw.  Games started. A couple of players were late to get online and challenge - one I called and possibly woke up from a slumber - apologies - but in the end all players got a game including me!

I setup a board and play strict touch move and try to note my moves. i played Robert Lavery - the two nights as Black - I end up a pawn down hopefully with a more open position with attacking opportunities - Robert played well and I thought oh no maybe a pawn down and for nothing - then I had the possiblity of getting a piece for a pawn and then a complicated endgame - one should relish a good endgame against a worthy opponent - and this went to the wire - Robert winning by taking advantage of passed pawn - I think I didnt play best moves - I exchanged off my Knight for his Bishop - when Perhaps I should have kept the minor pieces on the board. But an excellent and enjoyable game with plenty of thinking... cant beat that!

The results came in. I emailed everyone the results. White had a good night.

Rating White lichess userId Score Rating Black lichess userId
1645 Robert Lavery Yreval 1 - 0 1642 Mark Newman ishi100
1370 Andrew Todd Toddy-Aberdeen 1 - 0 1245 Chris Dorrian faunorcival
1200 Joseph Gunning Josephgun 1 - 0 1218 Stephen Cullen steviec44
1192 Michael Mckimm Meitnerium 1 - 0 961 Michael Hood michaelhood
895 Paul Anderson Number_8 1 - 0 640 George Gamble ChessGeorge13

Thanks everyone for such an excellent night of chess - I think next week I will ask you to email me the games and I will publish one or two in the next article.

Take care everyone and enjoy your chess..... "see" you on weds.


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