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RVH Handicap Tournaments

Report on the first two tournaments in the series.

The RVH Chess Club held 3 handicap quick-play tournaments, open to all-comers, last summer. They proved so popular (these events are part social occasion and part serious competition) that the club is starting earlier this year, in what they hope will be a regular monthly series. The tournaments are to be held on the last Tuesday of each month from April to September. Players are handicapped on a time basis with games being of 20 minutes duration. Damien Lavery directs proceedings with calm efficiency - not easy to do when you have to fit 6 Rounds into an evening's play.

In the first of the new series top seed Michael Holmes (RVH) took first prize with a 100% score. In second place was Stephen Morgan (North Belfast), making his first competitive start in several months. Five players finished on 4.0 points. On tie-break Paul McLoughlin (RVH) won third prize, Tom Alcorn (Fisherwick) fourth and Nicholas Pilkiewicz fifth. Calum Leitch (QUB) and Chris Black (RVH) won the grading prizes.

Final Cross Table RVH Handicap 30 April 2002

No Name                Rtg  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1  Michael Holmes      2117 6      8:W 12:W 18:W  2:W  5:W  3:W
2  Stephen Morgan      1986 5     14:W  4:W  3:W  1:L 10:W 11:W
3  Paul McLoughlin     1758 4      6:W 11:W  2:L  7:W  8:W  1:L
4  Tom Alcorn          1754 4     16:W  2:L  6:W 18:W  7:W  5:L
5  Nicholas Pilkiewicz 1823 4     22:W 10:L 11:W 13:W  1:L  4:W
6  Calum Leitch        1086 4      3:L 17:W  4:L 15:W 19:W 10:W
7  Danny Mallaghan     1768 4     23:W  9:W 10:W  3:L  4:L 13:W
8  Chris Black         1527 3.5    1:L 21:W 15:W 19:D  3:L 17:W
9  Paddy Scully        1000 3.5   20:W  7:L 12:L 22:W 17:D 14:W
10 Joe Clarke          1579 3     13:W  5:W  7:L 12:W  2:L  6:L
11 Damien Cunningham   1460 3     15:W  3:L  5:L 20:W 12:W  2:L
12 Des Moreland        1757 3     21:W  1:L  9:W 10:L 11:L 19:W
13 Eamonn Walls        1000 3     10:L  0:W 20:W  5:L 21:W  7:L
14 Ciaran Marron       1498 3      2:L 16:L 23:W 21:W 18:W  9:L
15 Gareth Annesley     1875 3     11:L 22:W  8:L  6:L 20:W 18:W
16 Liam McAuley        1000 3      4:L 14:W 19:L 17:L 23:W 22:W
17 Tony Parker         1774 2.5   18:L  6:L 22:W 16:W  9:D  8:L
18 Louis Holmes        1329 2     17:W 19:W  1:L  4:L 14:L 15:L
19 Steve McCann        1648 2      0:D 18:L 16:W  8:D  6:L 12:L
20 David McAlister     1685 2      9:L 23:W 13:L 11:L 15:L  0:W
21 Fred Currell        1000 2     12:L  8:L  0:W 14:L 13:L 23:W
22 Richard Proctor     1442 1      5:L 15:L 17:L  9:L  0:W 16:L
23 Geoff Hindley       1132 1      7:L 20:L 14:L  0:W 16:L 21:L

The second competition saw three players all finish on 5 points. On tie-break Tom Clarke of the host club RVH won first prize, John Bradley (Bombardier) second prize and Ciaran Marron, also RVH third prize. Of the four players who finished equal fourth on 4 points, it was Steve Scannell (North Belfast) who won fourth prize on tie-break. Grading prizes went to Damien Cunningham (RVH) and Tim Roope (unattached).

Final Cross Table RVH Handicap 28 May 2002

No Name                Rtg  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1  TOM CLARKE          2134 5      6:W 18:W  5:W  2:W  9:W  3:L
2  JOHN BRADLEY        1866 5     15:W 19:W 13:W  1:L 11:W  4:W
3  CIARAN MARRON       1498 5      4:L 23:W 22:W 17:W  8:W  1:W
4  STEVE SCANNELL      2181 4      3:W 11:L  8:W 13:W 10:W  2:L
5  PAUL MCLOUGHLIN     1758 4     25:W 21:W  1:L 10:L 12:W  9:W
6  DAMIEN CUNNINGHAM   1460 4      1:L 12:L 26:W 14:W 20:W 11:W
7  DAVID MCALISTER     1685 4     14:L 25:W 12:L 24:W 21:W 13:W
8  NICHOLAS PILKIEWICZ 1823 3.5   16:W  9:D  4:L 19:W  3:L 18:W
9  RICHARD PROCTOR     1442 3.5   22:W  8:D 11:W 20:W  1:L  5:L
10 TIM ROOPE           1000 3.5   19:L 15:W 18:W  5:W  4:L 16:D
11 DES MORELAND        1757 3     23:W  4:W  9:L 12:W  2:L  6:L
12 LIAM MCAULEY        1000 3     18:L  6:W  7:W 11:L  5:L 21:W
13 MICHAEL KANE        1332 3     20:W 24:W  2:L  4:L 17:W  7:L
14 SHANE KEERS         1000 3      7:W 22:L 17:L  6:L 23:W 20:W
15 FRANK CARROTHERS    1354 3      2:L 10:L 25:W 18:L 19:W 22:W
16 ED MORGAN           1193 3      8:L 20:L 23:W 26:W 18:D 10:D
17 TONY PARKER         1774 3     21:L 26:W 14:W  3:L 13:L 24:W
18 STEVE MCCANN        1648 2.5   12:W  1:L 10:L 15:W 16:D  8:L
19 IAN WOODFIELD       1638 2.5   10:W  2:L 24:D  8:L 15:L 25:W
20 BRENDAN O'NEILL     1847 2     13:L 16:W 21:W  9:L  6:L 14:L
21 JOHN CAHOON         1187 2     17:W  5:L 20:L 22:W  7:L 12:L
22 MICHAEL HOLMES      2117 2      9:L 14:W  3:L 21:L 24:W 15:L
23 EAMONN TRAINOR      1068 2     11:L  3:L 16:L 25:W 14:L 26:W
24 DANNY MALLAGHAN     1768 1.5   26:W 13:L 19:D  7:L 22:L 17:L
25 PAUL LOGAN          1115 1      5:L  7:L 15:L 23:L 26:W 19:L
26 GEOFF HINDLEY       1132 0     24:L 17:L  6:L 16:L 25:L 23:L
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