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Congratulations to John Bradley (Omagh CC) and Gary Johnston (Bangor CC), joint champions of the UCU End of Season Quiz.

Congratulations to John Bradley (Omagh CC) and Gary Johnston (Bangor CC), joint champions of the UCU End of Season Quiz. Both scored 20/20. It was no mean feat given there were a couple of tricky questions. Also very well done to the runners up, Aaron Wafflart (Strand CC) on 19/20, Stephen Cullen (Lisburn CC) on 18.5/20 and Paul Anderson (Civil Service CC) with 18/20. Thanks to everyone who participated. We received lots of positive feedback on how enjoyable it was.


You all make the chess community what it is, thank you for keeping the heart of our chess scene beating loud during this lockdown. It is so heart-warming to know that so many of you are texting, emailing, ringing and playing each other online to keep the vital connection alive. Quite a number of our UCU members are extremely isolated at the moment and living alone so small things like running an online tournament or playing a correspondence game can actually make the world of difference.

Bangor Chess Club Captain Gary Johnston (username: BlueTheCat) is running weekly online rapid tournaments on LiChess so please link in with him if you would like to continue playing online. Please note these are private events, not official UCU events and Gary Johnston is in charge so he will need to know who you are to release the password. His next event is tomorrow from 7-10pm (Mon 20 April)
Keep looking out for each other, stay connected, keep interacting on the internet, keep sharing your love of chess and take care of each other in any small way you can, best wishes,
Ulster Chess Union Tournament Director & League Controller
If you wish to play online with any of your chess friends, we had over 100 playing in the online UCU events so here is the inventory of LiChess usernames, please note primary school children have been omitted and they play with Kid Safe mode to prevent any online chatting.
Strand Chess Club members:
HGabor - CM Gabor Horvath
RobertWright - Robbie Wright
SemolinaFarmer - Daniil Zelenchuk
Kek2000 - Alex Goss
BrendanJamison - Brendan Jamison
Razbadas - Modestas Razbadauskas
BeethovenWasDeaf - Conor Spackman
SteadyEddy94ht - Eddie Khanzharov
JakeEwan - Jake Patterson
Jirarchi Park - Aaron Wafflart
JTW012 - James Wong
DarthVadersDad - Brian Fitzsimons
SimplePython - Rhys McLean
RonyFitz - Ronan Fitzsimons
Timothy9878 - Timothy Morrison
CalumGlendinning2005 - CalumGlending
ReubenMagill66 - Reuben Magill
KnightAS - *****
MegaSunshine - *****
DaringTiger - *****
Bangor Chess Club:

Faunorcival - Chris Dorrian
BlueTheCat - Gary Johnston
MbSeidman - Mark Seidman
Meitnerium - Mike McKimm
GeoffSterrett - Geoff Sterrett
rjmcq93 - Rory McQuillan
Becca_McClurg - Rebecca McClurg
ChessGeorge13 - George Gamble
ben2gd - Ben Toogood
callum_m - Callum Magennis

AndyTown - John Cairns
TronRun99 - John Masterson
SeEsSa - Sergio Esteve Sanchez
Adrenelin87 - Gatis Barbals
CardFlix - Chris Hamill
Northern Lights/Muldoons:
DuckyMcDuckFace - Stephen Morgan
SalahKing1 - Nicholas Pilkiewicz
Gombeenman - Stephen Wood
BeatTheBishop - Danny Mallaghan
nir8888 - Richard Gould
PatMcKillen - Pat McKillen
Lisburn Chess Club:
neilthepatzer - Neil Gardner
steviec44 - Stephen Cullen
raelst - Steven Eachus
RachelEachus - Rachel Eachus
Kilmeedy - Pat Coleman
RDWRER - Michael Sheerin
Kentuckian - Damien Lavery
Ballynafeigh Chess Club:
ulster-chess - Damien Cunningham
Yreval - Robert Lavery
TyroneWinter - Tyrone Winter
Belfast South Chess Club:
BlueLightWasMyMind - John McKenna
Civil Service Chess Club:
DannyRoberts1 - Danny Roberts
Dornford - Adrian Dornford-Smith
Number_8 - Paul Anderson
Queen’s University Belfast Chess Club:
CathGorm - Cathan Gormley
Matthew_Doughertyy - Matthew Dougherty
Gerard33 - Gerard Obasi
VincentCrean - Vincent Crean
HighOnPotNuse - Jamie Corscadden
Osterzone - Robert Browne
rba91 - Bartlomiej Rybicki (Bartek)
City of Derry Chess Club:
szakalDerry - Kamil Marchlewicz
JohnSweeney - John Sweeney
Omagh Chess Club:
crannlaoch - Paddy Largey
Dooneen - Kenneth Somerville
Non-Club Players in NI:
Kamszu1 - Kamil Szulc
cecilsloan - Cecil Sloan
AndrewMellon400m - Andrew Mellon
Daniel_Porter - Daniel Porter
pabmc79 - Paul McCann
MrScrumps - David Corr
PaulWhite95 - Paul White
KingWightman - Michael Wightman
PaulMcMurray - Paul McMurray
latah - Mark Allen
SkyWarp - Peter McGuckin
KulaWorld - Tony Scullion
Players Overseas:
JamesMcDonnell - James McDonnell
TheDonimator - Thomas Donaldson
MrQQ - Nikhil Joshi
JustFlash88 - Mikhail Pavlov
z3ppj1g5aw - Ram Rajan
Toddy-Aberdeen - Andrew Todd
ICU Members:
ManFromMars - Michael Waters
Philidornig - Jonathan Pein
Stephen_Rush - Stephen Rush
jlf287 - Jacob Flynn
adamc2005 - Adam Collins
DianaMirza - WFM Diana Mirza
OisinOC - Oisin O'Cuilleanain
william_hackett - William Hackett
DianaBueckert - Diana Bueckert

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