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QUB March 2010 Blitz

QUB Chess Club held another of its blitz tournaments at a new venue.

The Parlour Bar, just across the road from the QUB Students' Union, hosted the event. There were 5 rounds with players having 10 minutes apiece for each game. Winner was QUB student Eamonn Walls, with Jonathan Woodfield defying his 12th place seeding to take second on tie-break. Other prizes went to Damien Lavery (best under 1800), William Ashenhurst (best unrated player) and Steve MacCullough (best newcomer).

Report by Rookie at Ulster Chess Chronicle:

Final crosstable

No Name               Rtg  Total  1    2    3    4    5  

1  Eamonn Walls       1882 4.5   17:W 14:W  5:D  7:W  2:W
2  Jonathan Woodfield 1463 4     26:W  6:W  9:W  3:W  1:L
3  Gareth Annesley    1965 4     11:W  9:W 15:W  2:L  7:W
4  Stephen Scannell   2105 4     12:W 13:W  7:L  5:W  8:W
5  Damien Lavery      1720 3.5   20:W 10:W  1:D  4:L 15:W
6  Mark Newman        1781 3.5   19:W  2:L 17:W 14:D 13:W
7  Lukasz Kwiatek     1830 3     18:W  8:W  4:W  1:L  3:L
8  Damien Cunningham  1633 3     25:W  7:L 21:W 12:W  4:L
9  Andrew Higgins     1674 3     27:W  3:L  2:L 22:W 17:W
10 Karina Kruk        1483 3     21:W  5:L 19:W 11:L 14:W
11 Cathal Murphy      1076 3      3:L 27:W 13:L 10:W 20:W
12 Chris Armstrong    1385 3      4:L 22:W 24:W  8:L 18:W
13 Ian Woodfield      1660 2.5   22:W  4:L 11:W 15:D  6:L
14 Shane Keers        1551 2.5   23:W  1:L 18:W  6:D 10:L
15 Martin Kelly       1442 2.5   24:W 16:W  3:L 13:D  5:L
16 Steve MacCullough       2.5    0:  15:L 20:L 27:W 19:W
17 Robert Lavery      1040 2      1:L 23:W  6:L 24:W  9:L
18 William Ashenhurst      2      7:L 25:W 14:L 21:W 12:L
19 Richard Burns           2      6:L 26:W 10:L 23:W 16:L
20 Owen Carleton           2      5:L 21:L 16:W 26:W 11:L
21 Paddy Magee             2     10:L 20:W  8:L 18:L 25:W
22 Neil Fitzgerald         2     13:L 12:L 25:W  9:L 24:W
23 Thej Kodiyat            2     14:L 17:L 27:W 19:L 27:W
24 Maria Murray            1     15:L  0:W 12:L 17:L 22:L
25 Gary Keers              1      8:L 18:L 22:L  0:W 21:L
26 Nicola McAtarsney       1      2:L 19:L  0:W 20:L  0: 
27 Caroline Coffey         0      9:L 11:L 23:L 16:L 23:L
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