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Primary Schools' Team Event 1 June 2001

24 teams from 6 primary schools from as far apart as Portstewart and Killinchy competed in this event. The winners were "The Noble Knights" from Inchmarlo Preparatory School, Belfast.

For the third successive year the Ulster Chess Union is running two events for primary schoolchildren. This year the first of the events was for the first time a team competition. They were in total 24 teams, each with 4 players, from 6 primary schools - Cairnshill, Edmund Rice, Inchmarlo, Killinchy, St Colum's (Portstewart) and Strandtown. The winners were The Noble Knights from Inchmarlo. There were also competitions for the best team name, won by The Brilliant Battling Bishops from St Colum's and the best flag, won by Nigel Chan from Inchmarlo. Tim Husbands, General manager of the Waterfront Hall presented the prizes. Once again the competition was very efficiently organised by Adrian Skelton and David Houston, together with a large band of helpers from the competing schools and the Ulster Chess Union. The second of this year's competitions is an individual event on the 7th June and is also at the Waterfront Hall.

Place	Team			School		Points
1	The Noble Knights	Inchmarlo	17.0
2	The White Knights	St Colum's	13.5
3=4	The Conquering Knights	Cairnshill	13.0
3=4	The Radical Rooks	St Colum's	13.0
5	The Passing Knights	Strandtown	12.0
6=7	The Ruthless Rooks	Inchmarlo	11.5
6=7	All Aboard		Composite Team	11.5
8=9	Check Mates		Strandtown	11.0
8=9	The Raging Rooks	Cairnshill	11.0
10=12	The S.C.M.G's		Strandtown	10.5
10=12	The Baffling Bishops	Cairnshill	10.5
10=12	Killinchy Kings		Killinchy	10.5
13	The Powerful Pawns	Cairnshill	9.5
14=16	Checkmakers		Edmund Rice	8.5
14=16	Killinchy Knights	Killinchy	8.5
14=16	The Chess Champions	St Colum's	8.5
17	Inchmarlo Checkmates	Inchmarlo	8.0
18	Strandtown Aliens	Strandtown	7.5
19=20	The Legends		Edmund Rice	7.0
19=20	Chess Masters		Strandtown	7.0
21=22	The Checkmate Champs	St Colum's	5.5
21=22	Brilliant Battling Bishops St Colum's	5.5
23	The Knifty Knights	Cairnshill	4.5
24	The Strongest Link	Edmund Rice	4.5
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