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A night and a day of Cafe Chess at Culture Night/Day Belfast 2019

The Best event of the Chess year - a quote of the Night. The Belfast Culture Night buzz, Chess playing and delicious coffee mixed with some wonderful conversations with brilliant people - what more could you ask for....

Two people one pulling a trolley of chess equipment the other pulling a trolley carrying a big chess set make their way through the Belfast streets - and taking a wrong turn and just missing the Cathedral before passing The Whig and walking to Cafe Nero on Lompard Street.

A beautiful day - the sun out and a blue sky. The large set is setup - a couple of gusts of light wind almost blow it down. Adrian Dornford-Smith buys some bluetak to keep the outside chess boards stuck to the tables and some water bottles to place on the large chess matt to stop it from lifting - a clever man.

With everything setup we wait and soon enough the tables start filling with chess players.

The large set starts getting use and with Adrian looking after it and giving a humerous running commentary we get quite a crowd watching the games.

The large set allows people to talk chess - what if this happens and then that .... with arms gesticulating and minds wizzing.

People passing sit and play. Children, families, strangers all enjoying a chat and a game.

The best way to enjoy the atmosphere is to have a coffee and enjoy the following photos - of course apart from actually being there - so see you next year!

We handed out fliers with Club details and Schools Chess Dates for this Year and some brilliant chess puzzles; Solutions at the end of this article.

What a brilliant night and day and brilliant celebration of the game of chess, of Belfast and Culture, of the beauty of people.

Many thanks to Cafe Nero and its staff. The Ulster Chess Union Chess players and all those who enjoyed playing Chess at this wonderful event.


The calender of Childrens Chess Events for the year: All at Methodist College. For details see our events section.

October 5th London Junior Chess Championships Qualifier 9:30 – 5:00pm

November 2nd Childrens Chess 12:30 – 5:00

December 7th Ulster Schools Championship  10:00 –5:00

January 11th Childrens Chess 12:30 – 5:00

February 8th Childrens Chess 12:30 – 5:00

March 14th Childrens Chess 12:30 – 5:00

April 18th Childrens Chess 12:30 – 5:00

May 9th UK Chess Challenge 9:45 – 5:00

June GrandPrix prize giving

August Chess Summer School

and now the photos

fri3 fri4
fri5 fri6
fri7 fri8
fri9 fri10
fri11 fri12
fri13 fri14
fri15 fri16
fri17 fri18
fri19 fri20
fri21 fri22
fri23 fri24
fri25 fri26
fri27 fri28
fri29 fri30
fri31 fri32

Saturday and I meet Adrian at the Cafe Nero. He again does a brilliant job of looking after the large set. The boards get busy and again we have a wonderful afternoon.


sat3 sat4
sat5 sat6
sat7 sat8
sat9 sat10




Puzzle Solutions


Positions from:

Chess Tactics for the Tournament

Player: GM Sam Palatnick &

GM Lev Alburt


Alekhine v Flohr, Bled 1931

Answer  is: The Brilliant 3) Rc8 threatening

the Black Queen and the Black Rook if QxQ

Then RxR+ followed by fxQ




Bogolynbov v Capablanca, New York 1924

Anwer is: 2) 1... Nxd4! A temporary sacrifice  the game continues 2. cxd4 R8xc5  3. dxc5 Qxc5+ followed by

4. .. Rxc1 with decisive material advantage


Answer 3) 1. Qg3+ Kh8

2. Qe5+ Kg8 3. Qg5+ Kh8

4. Rxf7 Qxf7 5. Qd8+ Qg8

6. Qf6+Qg7 7. Qxg7#



Answer 2) 1. Ra7 the Queen is

threatened but cant move as needs to protect the Rook.

If 1 ... Qxa7 2. Rxc8+ Followed by Bxa7


Answer 3) 1. ... Qxh2+ a beautful Queen sacrifice

leading to a checkmate. 2. Kxh2 Ng4+

3. Kg1 Nh3#


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