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QUB August Blitz, Café Krem, Monday 31 August 2009

After the final round of the Ulster Championships, nine players hot-footed it from the Europa Hotel to Queens’ University a mile away for another instalment of QUB blitz chess.

At Café Krem on the University campus a further 15 players awaited them. Newly crowned Ulster champion Stephen Scannell did the double after winning an Armageddon play-off with Damien Lavery.

No Name              Rtg  Total  1    2    3    4    5  

1  Stephen Scannell  2119 4.5    9:W  8:W  6:W  4:W  2:D
2  Damien Lavery     1715 4.5   22:W  3:W  7:W  6:W  1:D
3  James McDonnell   1989 4     13:W  2:L  9:W 10:W  7:W
4  Lukasz Kwiatek    1841 4     21:W 20:W 11:W  1:L  8:W
5  Paul McLoughlin   1602 3.5   15:W  6:L 16:D 14:W 17:W
6  John Bradley      1743 3     19:W  5:W  1:L  2:L 12:W
7  Eamonn Walls      1834 3     23:W 10:W  2:L 11:W  3:L
8  Andrew Higgins    1666 3     18:W  1:L 12:W 13:W  4:L
9  Frank Wu          1489 3      1:L 18:W  3:L 16:W 15:W
10 Damien Cunningham 1629 3     14:W  7:L 15:W  3:L 20:W
11 William McGrattan 1588 3     24:W 17:W  4:L  7:L 14:W
12 Slywek Furman          3     20:W 21:W  8:L 22:W  6:L
13 Karina Kruk       1415 2.5    3:L 22:W 20:W  8:L 16:D
14 Tak Fung               2     10:L 23:W 17:W  5:L 11:L
15 Ciara Pugh             2      5:L 19:W 10:L 23:W  9:L
16 Robert Lavery     1040 2     17:L 24:W  5:D  9:L 13:D
17 Mark Newman       1758 2     16:W 11:L 14:L 19:W  5:L
18 Matthew Chapman        2      8:L  9:L 21:W 20:L 23:W
19 Paddy Magee       1039 2      6:L 15:L 24:W 17:L 21:W
20 Neil Green        1629 1     12:L  4:L 13:L 18:W 10:L
21 David Seaby       1104 1      4:L 12:L 18:L 24:W 19:L
22 PJ Mallon         1008 1      2:L 13:L 23:L 12:L 24:W
23 Gary Johnston     1066 1      7:L 14:L 22:W 15:L 18:L
24 Helena Pugh            0     11:L 16:L 19:L 21:L 22:L
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