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Civil Service Tournaments

The summer-long play-as-you-go tournament at the Maynard Sinclair Pavilion ended on the final Wednesday of September

Overall victory went to defending champion Stephen Scannell. This is the 6th time Scannell has won the Hammel Cup. Grading Band prizes went to Ian Woodfield, John Bryars, Brian Belshaw and David Seaby, the latter two also sharing second place overall.

Presentation of the prizes took place on Wednesday 1st October, when a handicap rapidplay tournament was also held. Games were over a total of 20 minutes, but the higher rated players had to give time to their opponents on a sliding scale. Victory went to Eddie Whiteside with a 100% score over the five rounds. Damien Lavery lost to Whiteside in the decisive final round match and finished on 4 points along with David Seaby and Paul McLoughlin. Tie-break rules gave second prize to Seaby and third to Lavery.

Handicap Tournament Final crosstable

No Name                   Rtg  Club       Total  1    2    3    4    5  

1  Edward Whiteside       1825 Bangor     5     14:W 10:W 13:W 11:W  3:W
2  David Seaby            1080 Fisherwick 4      5:L  8:W  7:W 10:W  6:W
3  Damien Lavery          1704 QUB        4     12:W 11:W 14:W  5:W  1:L
4  Paul McLoughlin        1604 Bangor     4      6:L 18:W 12:W 17:W  5:W
5  Ian Woodfield          1652 Fisherwick 3      2:W  9:W  6:W  3:L  4:L
6  Cathal Murphy          983  RVH        3      4:W 17:W  5:L 13:W  2:L
7  Stephen Scannell       2111 QUB        3      9:L 16:W  2:L 15:W 13:W
8  Mark Newman            1804 Bombardier 3     15:L  2:L 16:W 14:W 10:W
9  William Storey         1323 RVH        2.5    7:W  5:L 10:L 12:D 11:W
10 Brian Belshaw          1049 Bangor     2     20:W  1:L  9:W  2:L  8:L
11 James Fairley          935  Fisherwick 2     18:W  3:L 15:W  1:L  9:L
12 Garry Johnston         1122 Bangor     2      3:L 20:W  4:L  9:D 16:D
13 Anandagopal Srinivasan 1511 Fisherwick 2     19:W 15:W  1:L  6:L  7:L
14 Kevin Agnew            1268 Bangor     2      1:L 19:W  3:L  8:L 18:W
15 Roy Stafford           1241 Bombardier 2      8:W 13:L 11:L  7:L 17:W
16 Craig Kelly            619  Bangor     2     17:D  7:L  8:L 19:W 12:D
17 Alexander Beckett      1347 Fisherwick 1.5   16:D  6:L 20:W  4:L 15:L
18 Bernard Jaffa          1492 Fisherwick 1     11:L  4:L 19:L 20:W 14:L
19 Geoff Hindley          1012 Lagan      1     13:L 14:L 18:W 16:L 20:L
20 Stewart McConaghy      1531 Bombardier 1     10:L 12:L 17:L 18:L 19:W
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