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The Ulster Chess Union AGM 2021 (Continued)

The remaining proposals to be discussed and voted on. The Pavilion 7:00pm 21st August

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Aug 21, 2021
from 07:00 PM to 10:00 PM


NICS,Maynard Sinclair Pavilion, Stormont, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 3TA

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The AGM (continued) will be held on the 21st August at 7:00pm.

Venue: NICS,Maynard Sinclair Pavilion, Stormont, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 3TA

Numbers are restricted - so please email your intention (to the Ulster Chess Union Secretary Karina Kruk : to attend by Wednesday 18th August 10:00pm. Social distancing will be observed and masks warn.

We will allow members to attend via Zoom (video with audio). Please email your intention to attend by Wednesday 18th August 10:00pm. email . Zoom details will be sent closer to the meeting. If there are technical problems with Zoom or your connection we will not be able to provide support. If the Zoom fails and we have a quorum in the attended meeting the meeting will continue. You will need to give your full name and address and at the meeting have your id verified via video.

7:00pm Start


1.  Apologies

2. Proposed Resolutions: please email me in advance of the meeting any proposals.

e: The current UCU Constitution and Standing Orders to be made available at all times from the front page of the UCU website.

Proposed Damien Lavery       Seconded Steve Scannell

f: Minutes of all UCU board meetings to be circulated to all UCU members of good standing within one week of meeting’s end.

Proposed Damien Lavery       Seconded Steve Scannell

g. The UCU will not support, in any way, an event for which a UCU member in good standing has been refused or denied entry for which they meet all the entry criteria

Proposed Damien Cunningham   Seconded  David Houston

h. The official UCU website is the main conduit for any and all UCU events, and all UCU or UCU assisted events must be primarily advertised the UCU web pages

Proposed  Damien Cunningham    Seconded David Houston

i. That AGM should reject the findings of the UCU investigation into electronic cheating in UCU on-line events, and that these incidents should be investigated by a properly qualified and representative committee involving as many clubs as possible

Proposed Damien Cunningham   Seconded  David Houston

(j. Proposal withdrawn.)

3. AOB