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Khanzharov wins Groomsport blitz

The QUB player wins on tiebreak after finishing level with Cole and Ramasamy

Congratulations to the prize-winners at the FIDE blitz at Groomsport on 7th December 2013.

Champion: Edward Khanzharov (5/6) from QUB Chess Team, 2nd Place: 10 year old Ethan Cole (5/6) from Strand Chess Club, 3rd place: Thiru Ramasamy (5/6) from Roaming Knights NI and Junior Champion: 16 year old Rhys Allsop (4/6). Bangor Chess Club also presented a ‘Special Lifetime Membership’ award to Rev Elliot Swattridge.

The next FIDE rapid is on Thursday 21st December 2023 at Groomsport. Because schools are off for the Christmas break at that point, many young players from other clubs have already secured a spot so we’re almost at max capacity! If you are keen to play, book a place early!