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2245 Adrian Gillen headlines Ulster Blitz
2023 Ulster Blitz hosted by Greenisland FC Chess
21 local players make a FIDE debut in the December 2023 rating list
December FIDE NI Rating Report by Brendan Jamison
Clash of the Champions
Ulster Blitz Championship
Ulster Blitz filling up.
Ulster Blitz Championship 2023 Report
The earls returned, the Neill,s from Spain, GIllen,s from London to compete in the Ulster Blitz.
GM Simul Tickets
GM Simul Tickets still available
Knockagh Monument Rapid 2024 Feb 23, 2024 from 07:00 PM to 10:00 PM Greenisland FC,
Knockagh Monument Rapid 2024 Entry Fee £7.50 Second Family member £5 Third Family member free Contact Chris at to enter
Williamson Shield
Places still available for The Shield
Bangor Chess Club Legend Series
The Bangor Club Committee outlines:
February 2024 FIDE NI Rating Report
By FIDE National Arbiter Brendan Jamison