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Williamson Shield

Places still available for The Shield

There are still places available for the Williamson Shield. This takes place on the weekend of the 19th-21st January 2024. The tournament in happening in the Maynard Sinclair Pavilion in Stormont Estate. there will be one round on Friday 19th, thee rounds on Saturday 20th and two rounds on Sunday 21st. Please see the events page for timings.


There are two sections with the current entries listed below. In addition the time control will be 60+30.

If you cannot play in all rounds, there is a half point traveling bye available in all rounds except the last one.

Entry is £25 for all rounds and £20 for concession.

Both sections are FIDE rated and if you can only play in certain rounds email Chris at to discuss cost for this.

Entry List

Senior: 10 Entrants

Senior Over 1500

2082 Tahmankar, Mandar                                                                        FIDE ID: 5019400

1986 Annesley, Gareth                                                                             FIDE ID: 2505762

1708 Spackman, Conor                                                                            FIDE ID: 2513765

1607   McIlroy, Ben                                                                              FIDE ID: 2525097

1592 Khanzharov, Edward                                                                  FIDE ID: 2511975

1589 Moore, John                                                                                    FIDE ID: 343428797

1581 McClean, Caleb                                                                               FIDE ID: 2518449

1574 Cole, Ethan                                                                                       FIDE ID: 2514818

1529  Rushe, Adam                                                                                FIDE ID: 2511690

1433 Campbell, Andrew                                                                         FIDE ID: 2518392

Intermediate: 16 Entrants

Intermediate Under 1500

1491 Mckillen, Pat (RD 3 Bye)                                                                FIDE ID: 2513340

1468 McCracken, David (RD 2 Bye)                                                      FIDE ID: 2527111

1464 Armstrong, Chris (RD 2 Bye)                                                         FIDE ID: 2510340

1457 Murphy, Cathal (RD 2 Bye)                                                            FIDE ID: 2084309

1450p  Doody, Odhrán                                                                               FIDE ID: 2527146

1450p  Stinson, William James                                                                 DOB Provided

1420* Crothers, Toby                                                                               FIDE ID: 2527804

1410 Dorrian, Christopher                                                                      FIDE ID: 2515148

1362 Gunning, Joe                                                                                    FIDE ID: 2515806

1356 Tripathi, Anayraj                                                                             FIDE ID: 2523523

1320 Dornford-Smith, Adrian                                                                 FIDE ID: 2511967

1314  Mead, Oliver                                                                                   FIDE ID: 2524031

1233* Monaghan, James                                                                        FIDE ID: 2527081

1251   O’Connor, Paul (Rds 1-4, RD 5 Bye)                                         FIDE ID: 2518473

1229   Campbell, Peter (Rds 1, 2, 6, RD 3 Bye)                                   FIDE ID: 2518465

1086    Murphy, Peter                                                                         FIDE ID: 2518465