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The New Board and the motions from this years UCU AGM 2021

With so much interest in Chess this year we had to run an extension to the AGM to include discussion of the proposals put by the membership.

The members of the Ulster Chess Union Board for the year 2021-22:

Chairperson: Mark Newman

Secretary: Karina Kruk

Treasurer: Adrian Dornford-Smith

League Controller: Ross Harris

Deputy League Controller (co-opted onto board at first board meeting): Chris Dorrian

Tournament Director: Alex Goss

Deputy Tournament Director: Michael Sheerin

Ratings Officer: Robert Lavery

Womans Developer Officer: Karina Kruk

Youth Development Officer : Neil Gardner

Child Protection Officer: Mark Newman

Funding Officer: Neil Gardner

Trophies Officer: Geoff Hindley

UCU Historian: David McAlister

Board Members without Portfolio: Andrew Todd

The motions passed at the AGM:



’17 k) Executive Board meeting are open to UCU members as observers. To facilitate this, details of  Executive Board Meeting will be notified on the UCU website 7 days in advance of the arranged meeting  or as soon an emergency meeting is called if less than 7 days. Observers have no speaking rights at  Executive Board meetings and cannot be asked for views by Executive Board members. Any disruptive  behaviour by an observer will result in that observer being excluded from meetings until such time as  he/she agreed to comply. Observers will be asked to absent themselves from an Executive Board  meeting where confidential matters are to be discussed and those discussions will not take place until  the Secretary confirms that all observers have left the meeting.

Proposed: Bernard McGahan Seconded: Adrian Dornford-Smith


’17 l) A member in good standing may apply for speaking rights at an Executive Board meeting The  request should be in writing (email is acceptable) to the Chairman 5 days in advance of the appropriate  Executive Board meeting and it should identify the item(s) that the member wishes to speak on. The  Chairman will consider the request and decide if speaking rights will be permitted. The Chairman’s  decision is final.

Proposed: Bernard McGahan Seconded: Adrian Dornford-Smith

It was agreed to put the above to a vote with the caveat that these proposals would  temporarily go into the constitution with the caveate that the wording would be revisited at the  next AGM.



UCU tournaments held online during 2020/2021 season (Ulster Masters/City of Belfast/Williamson  Shield etc.) are deemed ‘unofficial’ and winners of such tournaments are not to be inscribed on  associated trophies.

Proposed: Damien Lavery Seconded: Steve Scannell

Motion passed.


Membership of any UCU Code of Conduct Committee to be restricted to those who have been UCU  members continuously for the prior three years and have a UCU standard play over-the-board rating  minimum of 1500.

Proposed: Damien Lavery Seconded: Steve Scannell

Motion defeated

e: The current UCU Constitution and Standing Orders to be made available at all times from the front page of the UCU website.

Proposed Damien Lavery       Seconded Steve Scannell

Motion passed

f: Minutes of all UCU board meetings to be circulated to all UCU members of good standing within one week of meeting’s end.

Proposed Damien Lavery       Seconded Steve Scannell

Motion passed

g. The UCU will not support, in any way, an event for which a UCU member in good standing has been refused or denied entry for which they meet all the entry criteria.

Proposed Damien Cunningham   Seconded David Houston

Motion passed

h. The official UCU website is the main conduit for any and all UCU events, and all UCU or UCU assisted events must be primarily advertised the UCU web pages

Proposed Damien Cunningham    Seconded David Houston

Motion passed

i. That the UCU send all previous investigations and incidents in regard to unexplainable online performances to the ICU for review. The review body holding the ability to make actionable or non-actionable recommendations. (This was an amendment to the original proposal.)

Proposed Damien Cunningham   Seconded David Houston

Motion passed
We look forward to the up and coming face to face tournaments and the league. Anyone wishing to enter a league team please contact Ross Harris (