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UCU documents and membership information

New website section specifically dedicated to UCU documents and membership information coming soon
UCU documents and membership information

UCU docs

The board has been working in the background to add a section to our website which will contain up to date information on our UCU documents including our constitution, standing orders, code of conduct policy, board meeting minutes, and membership information.

The addition of this section, however has not be easy and therefore has taken longer than anticipated. Once complete, the section will be available via the "live" part of the website and we will communicate to members when it is up and running.

While we work in the background to get this set up, anyone wishing to have a copy of any of these documents, may request them from the Secretary.

As well as the documents, we will have membership information available including pricing and payment methods in the same section. For the time being, please see below for these specific details.

You can join the Union in a number of ways:

• sign-up in person at any UCU event or competition

• join an affiliated club and become a member through the club's membership scheme

• send your personal details and membership fee by post to the Union's treasurer; contact the Treasurer directly for this method.

Membership fees are as follows:

Annual membership: £25

Annual membership for those who are ICU members as well: £15

Concession: £10

Online Payment Methods are available:

• PayPal -

• Bank transfer - 980060 46458048
*** Please put your name as the reference so we can identify your payment, and send us a quick message to say it's has been sent. ***