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A list of games and game archives available on the site

The games are list in order of modification - usually the game set most recently added.

PGN Viewer Jamison-Ruben
Brendan Jamison wins the pre-Christmas best game prize in the 2015/16 BSCC Open.
PGN Viewer All Adrian Dornford-Smith's rated games
All Adrian Dornford-Smith's rated games
PGN Viewer McMaster, R. vs Pilkiewicz, N.
McMaster, R. Pilkiewicz, N.
PGN Viewer McMaster, R. vs Scannell, S.
McMaster, R. vs Scannell, S.
PGN Viewer BCF-ch Scarborough 08-1999
Selected games from the 1999 Smith and Williamson British Championships.
PGN Viewer Greer-Mallaghan
Belfast Summerfest 2001 (Round 5)
PGN Viewer Proctor-McKittrick
Game from Division 2
PGN Viewer Clarke-Pilkiewicz
Ulster Open Active, 4 February 2001 (Round 3)
PGN Viewer Gareth Annesley-Stephen Scannell
Ulster Championship: Round 1, 27 December 2000
PGN Viewer Paul Delaney-Tom Clarke: Ulster Rapidplay Championship
Annotations in part based on some of the players comments in the post mortem analysis.
PGN Viewer Tom Clarke-Nigel Saunders, European Club Cup, Bosnia, 2000
While the Williamson Shield was taking place in Belfast, five-time winner Tom Clarke was competing for Bray in the European Club Cup in Bosnia. Here is a quick win for Tom in his favourite Trompowsky, played 27 September on Board 4 in the match against Monmouth Chess Club, Wales.
PGN Viewer Williamson Shield game
Michael Holmes - David Robb, Round 5. Annotations based on comments by Michael Holmes.
PGN Viewer BCF-ch 2000
Games from the 2000 British Championship
PGN Viewer Fisherwick Tournament games
Ian Davis annotates two games from the early rounds of the Fisherwick tournament.
PGN Viewer Clarke-Moreland
UCU February 2002 Rapidplay
PGN Viewer Scannell-Daly
the decisive final round game from the 2001 Dublin Classic
PGN Viewer Maher-Jackson
Maher,V - Jackson,D.G. [B03] Irish Championship Belfast, July 1950
PGN Viewer Heaney-Tormey
Heaney,R.A. - Tormey,T.T. [B92], Irish Championship Belfast, July 1950
PGN Viewer Bewley-Nash
Bewley,T.H. - Nash,W., Irish Championship Belfast, July 1950
PGN Viewer Allen,K - Emms,J
Monarch Assurance Open Isle of Man
Week 2 of the UCU Winter Grand Prix Cyber Blitz 2020 The Opportunity to play fun but time pressured chess continues. With the second of the Sunday tournaments. The Grandprix... Nov 11, 2020
BRITISH ONLINE CHAMPIONSHIPS 18th December - 3rd January With the cancellation of the British Championships in Torquay over the summer - an online festival will be played over C... Nov 05, 2020
The virtual league 2020 Civil Service at home to Ballynafeigh On the evening of Weds 21st October 2020 10 players were ready to play at home on line. To play slow chess 90mins each. ... Nov 03, 2020
UCU WINTER GRAND PRIX CYBER BLITZ 2020 A 7 round, online blitz grand prix event hosted on A drop-in, drop out series of 5+0 blitz arena tournament... Oct 27, 2020
The Winter Tournament kicked off on Monday 19th October 2020 Moved to online virtual games using The Winter tournament has started. Its being run over the winter months... Oct 24, 2020
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