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Groomsport Autumn Blitz 2022 - tournament report.

33 players competed in the Groomsport Autumn Blitz, with 29 male and 4 female. Held on Thursday 13th October 2022,

This event will be rated by FIDE (the International Chess Federation) on 1st November when the new rating list is published. The competition saw 6 rounds of 10+0 and there were 6 engraved shields up for grabs. Congratulations to the prize-winners:

Champion: Edward Hanzharov (Strand Chess Club) 5.5/6

2nd Place: Richard Morrow (Bangor Chess Club) 5/6

3rd Place: Conor Spackman (Strand Chess Club) 4.5/6

Best Newcomer: 14 year old Josh Whearty (Bangor Chess Club) 4/6

Grading Award: 17 year old Jonah McConnell (Bangor Chess Club) 4/6

Female Champion: Bernie McCarthy (Roaming Knights at Central Library) 3/6