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Whitehead Railway Museum Blitz Championship 2021 ** Full **

On Sat 4th Sept - 10am to 2:30pm FIDE-rated. At Whitehead Railway Museum. A 10 round Swiss Biltz. Numbers limited so register asap to get a place.

Whitehead Railway Museum Open Blitz Chess Championship 2021 - FIDE RATED

10am to 2:30pm

Saturday 4 September 2021

Check-in at 10am (this is when the museum opens)

Please note, entry to the museum costs 7 pounds for adults or 5 pounds for children. You will not have to pay any entrance fee if you let the staff at the door know that you are here for the chess tournament.

There is a cafe at the museum. Toilets are located at the museum entrance, which is close to the Victorian Tea Room. 

Take seats at 10:05am for Round 1 commencing

All clocks will be started at 10:10am, irrespective of whether you are at the board.

Morning session: we will play 5 rounds from 10:10am to 12noon.

30 minutes break from 12noon to 12:30pm

Afternoon session: we will play 5 rounds from 12:30pm to 2:20pm.

Prize-giving: 2:25pm to 2:30pm


Engraved Trophies:

Champion, 2nd Place, 3rd Place + 3 grading awards


10 rounds of 5+5, with 5 morning rounds, a 30 minute break and then 5 afternoon rounds.


Software: Swiss Master 5.7, with tie-breaks in the following order: Median Buchholz, Buchholz and Progressive.


This event will be rated by FIDE and the Ulster Chess Union.


FIDE rules will apply. Mobile phones must be switched off. Phones making any type of noise will result in the player automatically losing their game.

If your opponent makes an illegal move, pause the clock, call the arbiter over. You will be awarded 1 extra minute if the Arbiter agrees an illegal move was made. You will win the game if your opponent makes a second illegal move in the same game, provided you still have mating material left on the board, otherwise the game is declared drawn.


Safety Rules:

By entering the tournament, you agree to the following 5 safety measures:

(1) Players will need to wear a face covering indoors at the museum and at the chess tables.

(2) Players will need to wear gloves while playing chess (or apply hand sanitiser before start of each game).

(3) Chess boards will be spaced out for social distancing. Tables will also be spaced out. If watching other games, please stand 2 metres from the players at the table.

(4) Please do not shake hands before or after a game. You may bump elbows instead.

(5) Anyone with Covid symptoms or living with someone with a cough, fever, loss of smell or taste, needs to avoid coming to the event. Please contact Chief Arbiter B. Jamison immediately by phone or email.


Entry fees

Please note, entry fees are non-refundable as they are used to purchase the trophies/hand sanitiser etc. Therefore only enter if you are 100% certain you are available to play on the day.


We are restricted by the number of players able to attend this event. Last year we only had space for 12 players but we have requested some additional tables so we will try to get more in this year if possible.

*** Tournament now Full ****

Location:  Whitehead Railway Museum, Castleview Road, Whitehead, Carrickfergus, BT38 9NA

If travelling by train, the museum is a 7 minute walk from Whitehead Train Station. A train departs Belfast Lanyon Place at 8:55am, arriving at Whitehead at 9:30am. The train will have 'Larne' as its terminus so this will appear on the display boards at the station.

It takes 35 minutes to travel from Belfast Lanyon Place to Whitehead Train Station.

We have extremely limited capacity so if you would like to play, please book a spot super fast.


Contact: Email for Chief Arbiter B. Jamison:


Weblink to view more details and current entry list: