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The Ulster Championships 2022 August 27 - 29.

6 rounds at 90mins + 30secs. 3 sections. The top Ulster Competition.

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Aug 27, 2022 09:15 AM to
Aug 29, 2022 07:00 PM


Queens University, Belfast

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Dates & Times:

3 day bank holiday weekend event

Saturday August 27

Sunday August 28

Monday August 29

Check-in / Entry fee payments:

9:15am to 9:45am

Round 1: 10am

Round 2:  3pm

Round 3: 10am

Round 4:  3pm

Round 5: 10am

Round 6:  3pm


Queens University, Belfast


Senior (Over 1700)

Intermediate (1400-1699)

Junior (Under 1400)

Time control:

90 minutes + 30 second increments. Recording of moves is compulsory for entire duration of game.


FIDE rules will apply. Mobile phones must be switched off and placed beside you on the table in the playing hall. If a phone makes a noise you will be warned and your opponent will be award 2 mins. If it happens a second time you will loose the game.

Default time for absent players is 30 minutes. Arriving late 3 times will result in disqualification. For each round, all players should be seated 5 minutes before start time to listen to announcements.

To win a perpetual cup in any of the sections, the player must have lived for at least 12 months in one of the 9 counties of Ulster.

Entry Fees:

Late entry fee is £25 on the day + annual UCU fee for the 2022/2023 season

If registered by noon on Friday 19 August 2022, the early entry fee is £20 + Annual UCU fee

The combined entry fees for early entrants:

£45 for adults

(20 tournament fee + 25 UCU membership)

£35 for adults with ICU membership

(20 tournament fee + 15 UCU membership)

£30 for Under 18s

(20 tournament fee + 10 UCU membership)

The UCU fees that each player pays at check-in will cover players to 31 August 2023.

Please note all players living in Northern Ireland must pay their UCU fee on top of entry fee on the morning of the tournament. The option to defer UCU annual payment (to be collected by the local clubs later in the season) is no longer permissable.

Chief Arbiter:

Mark Newman NA

Registration deadline:

12 noon on Wednesday 24 August 2022.

To register please email National Arbiter : Mark Newman

Current Entry list at : 12/08/2022

Name Byes Rating
Mandar Tahmankar 2094 FIDE
Gareth Annesley 1990 FIDE
Thomas Donaldson 1982 FIDE
Danny Roberts Rd1 1976 FIDE
Alex Goss 1877 FIDE
Luke Gostelow 1779 FIDE
James McDonnell 1765 FIDE
Richard Morrow 1632 UCU
Adam Rushe 1609 FIDE
Danny Mallaghan 1593 UCU
Richard Gould 1531 UCU
Pat McKillen 1509 FIDE
Cathal Murphy 1505 FIDE
Chris Armstrong 1501 FIDE
Ethan Cole 1496 FIDE
Gatis Barbals 1429 FIDE
James Douglas 1423 UCU
Wong, James 1403 UCU
Yannick Woods 1369 ICU
Sean Kinch 1300 EST
Richard Proctor 1242 UCU
Christopher Rooney 1200
Calib McClean 1100 EST
Lorcan Rippon 1023 UCU
Peter Murphy 1000 EST
Ashish Shambharkar 1000 EST
Saoirse Rippon 1000 UCU
James Huang 1000 EST
Ayaansh Mulukutla 720 ICU