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High Hopes for Lisburn Chess Club!

Lisburn Chess Club was founded over 3 years ago by Neil Gardner and Martin Johnston. During that time we have had many memorable events.


We have begun the search for a permanent home for the new “Lisburn Chess Rooms” and have high hopes that we will achieve the goal of giving Ulster Chess a full time venue where anyone can meet to play at almost any time!
Once we get our building we plan to begin new competitions, teaching and much more, including applying for charity status to allow us to grow.
If anyone wants to get involved in this project please contact Neil or Martin. We anticipate there will be a small monthly charge for this or a smaller daily entry fee of a few pounds to cover costs.
This is a unique opportunity to be a part of a fantastic time in Ulster Chess and we invite everyone to join in and make themselves a part of it too!
Please follow Lisburn Chess Club on Facebook for more details.


Neil Gardner.