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Club: QUB

A list of club members with their ratings and officer contact information

Officers and Contacts
Team Captain: Patrick Magee
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Blitz Standard play Rapidplay
Player's name
Issue date
Issue date
Issue date
Ali Abdelkreem unrated unrated unrated
Abdullah Ali unrated unrated unrated
UCU03264 Fawaz Alkhateeb unrated 1611 Jul 2017 unrated
Jack Armstrong unrated unrated unrated
Alan Ashenhurst unrated unrated unrated
William Ashenhurst unrated unrated unrated
UCU01106 James Baker unrated 1038 Oct 2018 unrated
Ali Bashir unrated unrated unrated
UCU00105 Rahish Bashroush unrated unrated unrated
UCU03258 Martin Beregszaszi unrated 1316 Jul 2017 unrated
UCU03703 Conal Boyle unrated 975 Jan 2020 1093 Apr 2019
UCU03254 Aileen-Rose Brolly unrated unrated unrated
UCU03204 Manuel Cabanas Jimenez unrated 2032 Jan 2018 unrated
UCU02925 Ben Campbell 1128 Apr 2017 1156 Apr 2019 unrated
UCU01279 Chris Cao unrated 1141 Apr 2017 unrated
Andrew Carrick unrated unrated unrated
UCU00137 Niall Carton 2215 Sep 2003 2215 Sep 2003 2215 Sep 2003
UCU02332 Matthew Chapman 1434 Oct 2015 1431 Apr 2016 1351 Jul 2016
UCU00140 - Cheah 1316 Sep 2003 1316 Sep 2003 1316 Sep 2003
UCU03083 Daniel Cherene unrated unrated unrated
Roshan Christian unrated unrated unrated
UCU03205 Robert Clarke unrated 1298 Jul 2019 983 Apr 2019
Caroline Coffey unrated unrated unrated
UCU02499 Jan Christopher Cohrs unrated 2125 Jul 2010 unrated
UCU00149 David Collins 1532 Jan 2005 1479 Sep 2003 1532 Jan 2005
page 1 of 5 (115 records)
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Week 2 of the UCU Winter Grand Prix Cyber Blitz 2020 The Opportunity to play fun but time pressured chess continues. With the second of the Sunday tournaments. The Grandprix... Nov 11, 2020
BRITISH ONLINE CHAMPIONSHIPS 18th December - 3rd January With the cancellation of the British Championships in Torquay over the summer - an online festival will be played over C... Nov 05, 2020
The virtual league 2020 Civil Service at home to Ballynafeigh On the evening of Weds 21st October 2020 10 players were ready to play at home on line. To play slow chess 90mins each. ... Nov 03, 2020
UCU WINTER GRAND PRIX CYBER BLITZ 2020 A 7 round, online blitz grand prix event hosted on A drop-in, drop out series of 5+0 blitz arena tournament... Oct 27, 2020
The Winter Tournament kicked off on Monday 19th October 2020 Moved to online virtual games using The Winter tournament has started. Its being run over the winter months... Oct 24, 2020
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