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New FIDE National Arbiters list

The Ireland Federation has now got 9 FIDE-licensed National Arbiters in Northern Ireland. While a couple have retired as active arbiters, it has been wonderful to welcome 4 new additions over the past 12 months.

Established in 2013, with International Arbiter Gerry Graham as its head, the Irish Chess Arbiter’s Association [ICAA] is an official affiliated body of the Irish Chess Union and its membership is solely for those who hold an arbiter license with FIDE.


Northern Irish arbiters listed in order of license granted by FIDE through the ICAA:


Richard Gould, 1 March 2016

Ross Harris, 20 May 2019

Brendan Jamison, 7 Oct 2019

Mark Newman, 15 June 2020

Adrian Dornford-Smith, 15 June 2020

Chris Dorrian, 26 Dec 2022

Eddie Khanzharov, 26 Dec 2022

Adam Rushe, 26 Dec 2022

Damien Lavery, 13 March 2023


All FIDE-rated tournaments in Northern Ireland are run through the Irish Chess Union and local arbiters must renew their annual ICU membership at the start of each September to remain eligible to run local events. In terms of officials/authority/jurisdiction at a FIDE-rated tournament, only arbiters with a FIDE license are permitted to act as officials.


In terms of our local chess scene in Northern Ireland, the Ulster Chess Union (UCU) has sole jurisdiction over any Non-FIDE rated tournaments (i.e. UCU only rated events) and the Belfast & District Chess Leagues (i.e. no higher authorities in terms of ICU, ICAA or FIDE apply in these cases but the FIDE rules are still applied).