Ulster Rapidplay Championship

Past winners

The first time an event carried the title of the Ulster Rapidplay Championship was on the 3rd December 2000. It was a one-off event, part of the Target Recruitment sponsorship of the Ulster Chess Union in the 2000-2001 season.

2000  - Stephen SCANNELL

The next time the Championship was held was on 2nd January 2006. The next four Championships were all held between Christmas and the New Year until the 2010-2011 season when the Championship which took place on 2nd January 2011.

2005-06 - Gareth ANNESLEY, John CAIRNS, Nicholas PILKIEWICZ

2006-07 - Stephen SCANNELL

2007-08 - Stephen SCANNELL

2008-09 - Gareth ANNESLEY, John CAIRNS, Michael HOLMES, Calum LEITCH, Stephen SCANNELL

2009-10 - Gareth ANNESLEY, John CAIRNS

2010-11 - John CAIRNS

For the 2011-2012 season the UCU decided to hold an Ulster Blitz Championship over the holiday period, moving the Rapidplay Championship to a new Spring slot in the Calendar.

2012 - Michael WATERS

2013 - John MASTERSON

The 2013 Championship was held on Easter Monday. The 2014 and subsequent Championships saw the winner receiving the Arthur Cootes Memorial Cup.

2014 - Ciaran QUINN

2015 - Ciaran QUINN

2016 - Gabor HORVATH

2017 - Daniil ZELENCHUK

2018 - Nikhil JOSHI

2019 - Daniil ZELENCHUK

2020 - Danny ROBERTS

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