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List of competitions and events; part of the UCU Results Service
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UCU Armagh Rapidplay 2 events between Mar 2019 and Mar 2019
Ballynafeigh Ballynafeigh Rapidplay 4 events between May 2012 and Aug 2012
Ballynafeigh Ballynafeigh Spring Tournament one event in Mar 2016
UCU Bangor Blitz 11 events between Sep 2016 and Mar 2020
UCU Bangor Classic one event in Feb 2020
Bangor Bangor Congress 5 events between Sep 2004 and Oct 2019
UCU Bangor Marina Blitz one event in Sep 2020
UCU Bangor New Year Rapidplay one event in Jan 2019
UCU Bangor Rapid 3 events between Mar 2019 and Sep 2019
UCU Belfast Autumn Blitz 2 events between Sep 2020 and Sep 2020
UCU Belfast Blitz one event in Mar 2017
UCU Belfast Rapidplay 3 events between Apr 2017 and Apr 2017
UCU Belfast Summerfest 3 events between May 2005 and Jun 2005
UCU Belfast vs Berlin one event in Mar 2018
UCU Henderson Cup 13 events between Mar 2005 and May 2019
Trophy: Henderson Cup
UCU Nemtzov Cup 15 events between Mar 2005 and May 2019
Trophy: Nemtzov Cup
City of Derry Castle Cup 4 events between Dec 2004 and Oct 2006
UCU Derry City Championship 2 events between Nov 2006 and Nov 2006
City of Derry Derry Club Champion 6 events between Nov 2004 and Sep 2006
UCU East Belfast Blitz 3 events between Sep 2019 and Nov 2019
UCU East Belfast Rapid 3 events between Sep 2019 and Oct 2019
UCU Enniskillen Rapidplay 2 events between May 2019 and May 2019
USCC En Passant one event in Jul 2006
USCC En Passant Grading 6 events between Mar 2007 and Mar 2007
City of Derry E.OHare Cup 2 events between Jul 2005 and Jun 2006
page 1 of 4 (84 records)
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The Winter Tournament kicked off on Monday 19th October 2020 Moved to online virtual games using The Winter tournament has started. Its being run over the winter months... Oct 24, 2020
The virtual league 2020 kicked off with Bangor at home to Civil Service On October 15th two teams of 6 chess players. Each player at home in front of a screen showing a virtual chess board - t... Oct 24, 2020
BREAKING NEWS: Danny Roberts wins the NI Open Air Blitz Grand Prix. The 7 open air tournaments run brilliantly by Brendan Jamison contributed to the NI Open Air Grand Prix 2020. Danny fin... Oct 14, 2020
The 7th Open Air Chess Event celebrated the 6th year of The Global Chess Festival Held on 10th October 2020 at Bangor's McKee Clock chess players from 7 nations fought out an exciting Chess Blitz. Repor... Oct 14, 2020
Open Air Chess Delivers New Blitz Ratings Rating Report by Brendan Jamison, National Arbiter and Director of Chess NI Oct 07, 2020
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winter-tournament-2020-21-week2 Using the same rules as our usual Summer Tournament we will be running a Monday evening drop in tournament. With time li... Oct 26, 2020 07:00 PM - 10:00 PM — lichess,org
Virtual Ulster Masters 2020 The Virtual Ulster Masters 2020 will take place over the weekend 21st - 22nd November 2020. 5 rounds. Nov 21, 2020 09:30 PM - 06:00 PM —
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