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The Winter Tournament kicked off on Monday 19th October 2020

Moved to online virtual games using The Winter tournament has started. Its being run over the winter months on monday evenings ending on March 29th and has the same rules as the Summer tournament that has just ended.

Alot of the players playing in the Summer tournament expressed regret that it was coming to an end and that they were keen to play more slow games over the Winter months. So not wanting to clash with anything else organised for the Winter I checked with fellow organiser Neil Green to see if he was happy for me to run a Winter tournament - with the go ahead - I advertised the Winter tournament with the same rules as the Summer one.

The following players registered:

Rating Name lichess user
1 1900 Steve Scannell lastoutpost
2 1812 Danny Roberts DannyRoberts1
3 1645 Robert Lavery Yreval
4 1642 Mark Newman ishi100
5 1614 Michael Sheerin RDWRER
6 1581 James O'fee JamesOFee
7 1400 john Sweeney Johnsweeney
8 1377 Chris Armstrong pcmorphy
9 1259 Adrian Dornford-Smith Dornford
10 1245 Chris Dorrian faunorcival
11 1209 James Wong messagemetosayhi
12 1200 Joseph Gunning Josephgun
13 1192 Michael Mckimm Meitnerium
14 1139 Gary Johnston bluethecat
15 1053 Kyle Milligan pinallwizard
16 1000 Calum Glendinning CalumGlendinning2005
17 1000 David Corr MrScrumps
18 961 Michael Hood michaelhood
19 895 Paul Anderson Number_8
20 827 Geoff Sterrett GeoffSterrett
21 640 George Gamble ChessGeorge13

A brilliant list and a good range of ratings.

On Monday evening at 6:00pm I emailed the list asking who wished to play that evening. Each player who responded OK was included in my draw. I worked out the draw and emailed it out at 7:00pm for players to start - players can start later than this if they let me know in advance - I then place this start time in the draw against the two players. With the draw out players with White challenge their opponents and the games begin. Time limit is set to 90mins and the type of game to rated.

I check for all the games to start - chatting with players who are waiting or having problems challenging.

This week there was an odd no of players to I got a game.

The pairings and results for this first week:

Rating White lichess userId Score Rating Black lichess userId
1645 Robert Lavery Yreval 0 - 1 1812 Danny Roberts DannyRoberts1
1259 Adrian Dornford-Smith Dornford 1 - 0 1200 Joseph Gunning Josephgun
1400 john Sweeney Johnsweeney 0 - 1 1642 Mark Newman ishi100
1139 Gary Johnston bluethecat 0 - 1 1000 David Corr MrScrumps
895 Paul Anderson Number_8 1 - 0 640 George Gamble ChessGeorge13
1245 Chris Dorrian faunorcival 0 - 1 1377 Chris Armstrong pcmorphy
827 Geoff Sterrett GeoffSterrett 0 - 1 1209 James Wong messagemetosayhi

WIth 14 players and 7 games we had a brilliant no participating - more than the evenings of the Summer tournament.

If you wish to register please email me:

next date is Monday 26th Oct :