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Lockdown Summer Tournament: week1

Week1 started with a small but enthusiastic team of chess players.Keen to get a slow game of chess. The format is the same as our usual Summer tournament but moved online.

I was nervous as the draw can be challenging when everyone is in the same room. I checked my emails and listed people who had said they would play. I waited until 6:30pm and then emailed the list to get a confirmation that people were prepared to play. With the confirmations I did the draw - based on the UCU ratings (although these games arent rated). The draw was sent at 7:00pm and the games began. White challenging Black with 90mins each on the clock. Unfortunately I had missed Paul Anderson off my list - luckily Bernard McGahan was available to play. With an odd number of players I also got a game against Richard Gould - we always have a good game and on occasion I am lucky to get a win. I am not good at chess online - I miss things on a digital representation of the board. So I got out a standard set and put it on my desk by my computer. When Richard moved I repeated the move on the board and then studied the position - only moving after I had moved on the screen. It was good because it slowed me down and I could focus on the board. The game progressed - I was slow maybe a little too slow. Richard got a better position but I still had some possibilities and then a mistake and I was able to win a piece and then the game. A tough game and one that Richard could easily have won.

The games completed and the results were emailed in.

An excellent evenings chess.

Rating White lichess userId Score Rating Black lichess userId
961 Michael Hood michaelhood 1 - 0 1218 Stephen Cullen steviec44
1241 Vincent O'Brien V_blunders 0 - 1 1370 Andrew Todd Toddy-Aberdeen
1464 Richard Gould nir8888 0 - 1 1642 Mark Newman ishi100
895 Paul Anderson Number_8 0 -  1 1215 Bernard McGahan jtsdad

If you wish to play next week. Please email me your lichess userid, telephone no. i will send out an email on Wednesday at 6:30pm confirming those to play - who should respond that they are available. Then at 7:00pm I will send the draw. The players with White challenge their opponents in Lichess ( ) with an time limit of 90mins each. After the game you email me the results.

The rules of the tournament are the same as previous years:

We trust players wont use any tools to assist them in their games.

I will publish a weekly report of the results.

Starting Wednesday  6th May 2020 and continuing every Wednesday.

Ending Wednesday 30th September 2020. Prize Giving and mini tournament. (setup to be determined and announced).

Times : End time to enter the draw 6:30 pm. Draw emailed to players 7:00pm. The player with White to challenge their opponent.

Format The tournament is flexible – players play whichever nights suit them with pairings being made on the evening. Players are usually paired with opponents within their own grading band but late comers may get a difficult draw or may not be paired – so please be prompt.

Time limit Each player gets 1 hour 30 minutes for the complete game.

Prizes This is run free so no prize money - just the fun in playing and a certificate and for the winner the name on the perpetual trophy.There will be grading bands, again depending on entrants.

Entry Fee Free

Controller: Mark Newman Telephone 07872544868. email:

1. Players must complete 10 games to be considered to qualify.
2. If a player does not play in two of the last three rounds they will be assumed to have played and lost 2 games. If they play only one then they will forfeit one game.
3. However if a player has played 14 or more games then they are exempt from rule 2.
4. Scores will be calculated on a percentage basis.