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Coaching on Chess Openings

Brendan Jamison (1808) delivers talk on Chess Openings at Bangor Chess Club - open to all players.

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Dec 20, 2018
from 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM


Bangor Chess Club, Groomsport Parish Hall, Groomsport, County Down

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Coaching on Chess Openings

Bangor Chess Club at Groomsport Parish Hall

8:00pm - 9:00pm Thursday 20th December

Brendan Jamison (1808) will be delivering a special demo board lecture in Groomsport on Thursday 20th December. The coaching session will focus on openings and will run from 8 to 9pm. It is free entry. Brendan will discuss opening theory with strategic plans for White and Black. To keep the sessions interactive, he will ask questions to the group as he works through each line of the opening. Brendan will also distribute hand-outs at the end of the coaching session which covers all the opening variations discussed.
The sessions are specifically geared towards players rated under 1200, unrated or just beginning their chess adventures with a basic knowledge. The attendees will range from children aged 10 and above, teenagers and adults. New chess players are always welcome to attend Bangor Chess Club and see if they enjoy it. This is a great opportunity to visit the club during a non-league week as it’s a very relaxed environment and any new players can become a member in 2019 if they wish to attend regularly.
Location: Groomsport Parish Hall, 30 Main Street, Groomsport, County Down, BT19 6JR