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Coaching theme: The Art of Deflection

An instructive 22 move game of Danny Roberts illustrating the art of Deflection. Article by Brendan Jamison.

Today, the Ulster Rapidplay Chess Champion Danny Roberts sent me an excellent game and it’s a perfect example for a coaching theme on the technique of ‘Deflection’.


After studying the short game, visualise yourself playing in this style and try to use deflection in your next online game.


In this 22 move game Danny is White and his Ukrainian opponent plays the Rubinstein variation of the French Defence. Danny expertly eliminates his opponent’s minor pieces around the Black Kingside.


Please play through the game below to see the powerful technique Danny employs in the game:



Danny’s first deflection is move 20 with Be4 to remove the Black Bishop’s defence of the d7 square. This allows the masterful follow up deflection on move 21. Rd7, a Rook sacrifice to remove the Black Queen from defending the f6 square. This allows Danny to infiltrate with his Queen and deliver checkmate. It is a very impressive style of play.


Best wishes,
Brendan Jamison, Director of ChessNI & National Arbiter