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What a Corker - Martin Kelly reports from the 2019 Cork Major.

Its always good to see our players travel and enjoy tournaments out of Ulster... Martin Kelly, Cathal Murphy, Barney McGahan travelled down to Cork to enjoy a great weekend of Chess.
A "Munster" success for Martin Kelly, Captain of Belfast South, ensued at the 2019 Cork Major in the game below! Great Scott, his opponent said at the denouement of this miniature! Other shocks included Cathal Murphy missing the first two rounds but winning the grading prize on 3.5/6 to add to his Summer Tournament win! Martin Kelly and Barney McGahan scored 2.5/6 with both scoring exciting draws against WCM Sarah Jane Hearn! I think Barney's friends will be "hearn" all about it for the next few months!
Martin Kelly.
A Game from the competition:
White: Martin Kelly(1325); Black : Shea Scott (1294)          (Cork Major 2019) (5/10/19)   1.e4 d5; 2.Nf3 (a suggestion by Cathal Murphy) dxe4; 3.Ng5 e6; 4.d3 exd3; 5.Bxd3 g6 ( ..Nc6 is essntial); 6.Nxf7!!( a similar idea in reverse to the Budapest) Kxf7; 7.Bxg6 ch Ke7; 8.Bg5 ch Nf6; 9.Bxf6 ch Kxf6; 10.Qxd8 ch Kxg6; 11, Qxc7! 1-0. ( not 11, Qxc8 Bb4 ch; 12, c3 Bxc3 ch; 13;Nxc3 Rxc8, drawing).